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Welcome to moose_spam!
anoneknewmoose's picspam journal.

All spams are not safe for dial up. All porn spams are NSFW. Please leave a comment or drop a PM if you see a broken link or a trigger I haven't warned for.

Almost all images are from Tumblr, but I've noted sources where I can.

And yeah, I'm over 18.

PLEASE NOTE that these images are pornography, not instructional. A lot of bondage in porn is unsafe, either because it's bad or because it's far too intense for an amateur or extended session. Please don't use these as inspiration for scenes without doing your research.
porn - bondage wrist
Rope bondage >:) No warnings, though there are some close ups of some very tied up cocks.

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porn - belly tats
TWO IN A DAY, FINALLY! \o/\o/\o/

Tonight we have fingering! And a few fisting shots, which I have put at the beginning for those of you who voted no on including it so you can scroll past real quick. This is also the first spam with gifs. Exciting. >:) This spam also has some of the best shots I've ever found of well lubed/slick with arousal sex, which pleases me even just on the academic level because it BOTHERS me that so much porn looks so DRY.

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porn - hands on back
Beefcake and Bears.

PS: finally posting early enough that I can do another one before bed and start knocking out the backlog!

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panic - bden sunglasses
I really need more sexy dude icons.

Tonight's spam is more cock! Beautiful naked cock (except for a couple of tame piercings) because that was the ~mood on Twitter tonight. B

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porn - hands on back
Under the wire! And please pay attention to the notes/warnings on this one.

This spam is for daddy kink. These pictures might not align with your personal vision of daddy kink, but they're all things that I can see as falling under that umbrella in some form or fashion.

IMO, daddy kink does not include adult baby/diaper lover, so none of that is here. AFAIK, all models are consenting adults; if you know different, please let me know.

Warnings: mild bondage (handcuffs), crossdressing, some spanking and D/s themes

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porn - belly tats
Titty fucking! Which is a phrase I kind of hate, but an act I find super hot. >:9

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